OK, I’m sold on the idea. How does your app work?
The app lets you quickly send tips to an individual without requiring you to have cash in hand. We currently use PayPal as the payment system, so you’ll need to have a PayPal account in good standing, our app, and an iOS device like an iPhone. Your recipient only needs to give you their email address. They’ll get an email indicating that you’ve sent them a tip with instructions on how to retrieve it. If the recipient gets a lot of tips via Global Tipster, they will want to get their own Global Tipster app so they can quickly flash their Tipster Code instead of reciting their email address. That way, it’s quick and painless for both parties!

Does the recipient need a PayPal account?
Not at the time of tip, but they will need to establish a PayPal account to retrieve their tip if they don’t already have one.

How much does it cost?
You’ll need to set up through PayPal how you want to pay (debit or credit) your tips. Depending on how you’ve set it up, there may be no charge above and beyond your tip amount, however if you’ve set up a credit card payment with PayPal, there may be a fee. Check the PayPal terms and conditions to be certain. In addition to your tip amount and any service fee PayPal assesses depending on your payment method, Global Tipster charges 99¢ per dozen tips (or 8-¼¢ for each tip) regardless of the amount tipped.

I’m not good at math. So how much would a $10 tip to my Pilates instructor cost me?
If you pay through a debit account set up through PayPal, that tip will cost you $10.08¼ . Compare that with finding an ATM that may charge you $4 to withdraw cash from the same debit account.

Can I try Global Tipster to see if I like it?
Yes. You can download the app from the Apple Store and use it free for your first ten tips. You’ll only be charged your tip amount and any fees by PayPal.

What’s this Tipster Code thing?
By registering your Global Tipster app, your PayPal account ID (your email address used with PayPal) is encoded into a Tipster Code that can be displayed when another Global Tipster user wants to tip you. They simply point their iPhone’s camera at your Tipster Code and the app immediately recognizes the code – and YOU. You can also save a screen snapshot of your Tipster Code and print it out BIG and display it close by.